What’s Ahead

The Urgent Care World Is Challenging
and Changing Rapidly

The Future

The First Challenge: Increased Cost of Doing Business
Due to their lack of scale, small and mid-sized urgent care companies have little bargaining power in the marketplace. They pay more for supplies and services and have less ability to negotiate favorable rates as compared to larger organizations. As the cost of doing business continues to escalate, small urgent care companies need a solution.

The Second Challenge: Lower Contract Reimbursement
In addition, small and mid-sized urgent care companies have little negotiating power in the current insurance contracting process. As the Accountable Care Organizations begin to dictate reimbursement, independent urgent care companies will lose any remaining ability to impact their reimbursement.

The Partnership

Uniquely suited to your success!

The Partnership

The First Solution: UCIN provides buying power
UCI Network has created a Federal Trade Commission compliant single specialty network with a far reaching menu of products and services at discounted rates that allows small and mid-sized urgent care companies to benefit from the economies of scale that only larger corporations are able to achieve

UCI Network  combines the expertise, leadership and insight of over 20 years of urgent care management services and single specialty network development to provide members with value added services with low-risk, high-return savings with little or no upfront investment.

The Second Solution: UCI Network provides contracting power
UCI Network will clinically integrate a network of urgent care centers and leverage its bargaining power to negotiate favorable reimbursement contracts with insurers, payers and third party administrator that only large networks and Accountable Care Organizations can achieve.

By working together to facilitate the provision of metric-driven, quality care management, UCI Network will be able to compete for contracts by meeting the needs and demands of insurers and third party payers for claims processing; quality of care, medical management and network coverage.

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