Frequently Asked Questions
of the Urgent Care Integrated Network.

While we can’t hope to anticipate all of your questions, the following are fairly representative of those most often asked by our prospective members. In the event the answers to your questions do not appear here, we invite you to call (480) 247-9223. We will get back to you in a timely manner.

  • What is UCI Network?

    UCI Network is a group purchasing organization (GPO) that negotiates and manages contracts with vendors for medical products and services on behalf of its members. In addition, UCI Network is a FTC regulated, single specialty integrated network the purpose of which is to collectively contract with health plans and to improve the outcomes of patients treated in urgent care centers.

  • How does UCI Network?

    UCI Network uses its buying power to negotiate service and supply contracts at lower rates than our members can obtain individually.

    More members joining UCI Network will give us more buying power leverage to save our members money.

  • Is this legal?

    Yes. The Federal Trade Commission has recognized and supported single-specialty networks, like UCIN, for almost 30 years. UCI Network has engaged a team of health care regulatory and FTC expert attorneys to assist in this endeavor.

  • How does UCI Network help me?

    Members can improve their bottom line by saving money on their medical supplies, DME, biomedical repairs, malpractice insurance and prescription dispensing by purchasing products through joining UCIN.

    Members can save time and money with easy access to legal advice, urgent care consulting, revenue management, and data management services at discounted rates.

    Members can turn the hassle and headaches of payroll, HR, WC, and employee benefits over to UCI Network’s Human Resources Partner and concentrate on patient medical care and management.

    Members can enhance their clinical delivery system with a state of the art EHR system that is customized for urgent care centers, and improve their outcomes with improved metric analysis and management capabilities.

  • What products and services does UCI Network offer?

    UCI Network is always on the lookout to add more products our Members’ want.

    We currently offer:

    • Medical Supplies and Pharmaceuticals
    • Real Time Radiology Over Reads
    • Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management
    • Drug Dispensing Set-up and Consulting
    • Telemedicine – Virtual Patient Care Portal
    • Lab set-up and Compliance
    • Listing in largest Urgent Care Search Engine•
    • Malpractice Insurance
    • Legal and Business Representation
    • Urgent Care Consulting and Start-up Service
    • Geographical Analysis and Real Estate
    • HR and Payroll Management
    • Bio-hazard and Medical Waste Disposal
    • DME and Consignment
    • Patient Data Management Services
    • Research Set-up and Management
    • PT and OT Set-up and Consulting

    Learn more here

  • Can I choose one vendor and not others?

    Members have the freedom to choose the products and services they want.

  • Does UCI Network guarantee product and services?

    UCI Network contracts with vendors who guarantee the quality of their products and services and who have extensive experience in the urgent care space. UCI Network will assist members in obtaining resolution.

  • What does it cost to join?

    Your membership in the UCI Network is absolutely FREE.

    All applicants become members on the day they complete our on-line membership application.

  • How do I join?

    We make joining UCI Network easy with online membership and payment options.

    Just follow this link…

  • How long am I eligible for discounts?

    As long as you are a member, you are eligible for all UCI Network discounts on products and services.

  • How does UCI Network stay in business?

    UCI Network relies on a small administration fee from our vendors.

  • What else does UCI Network do for its members?

    UCI Network is always looking for ways to serve our Members.

    Tell us what products and services you need and we will seek quality vendors that offer our Members discounted rates.