Health Law

The following articles first appeared in The Journal of Urgent Care Medicine.  They were written by John Shufeldt, MD, JD, MBA, FACEP and CEO of the Urgent Care Integrated Network.  They are compiled here by category for quick reference.

All articles are .pdf format and can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader and printed for later reading.



Advertising and Marketing

Beware the BFRF


Bankruptcy Part Two: Honesty Is the Only Policy

Bankruptcy: When BK Doesn’t Mean You Can Have It Your Way


“Sorry”  Shouldn’t Be the Hardest Word

A Slip of the Lip Can Sink a Practice

EMTALA and Transferring Patients to the Emergency Department

Like Super Good Written, Verbal and Non-verbal Communication and Stuff


Employment Contracts Part 2: Troublesome Clauses

Testing the Waters Before Signing and Employment Contract

Health Care Industry

Accountable Care Organizations,  Where do Urgent Care Centers Fit?


Every Man His Own Doctor


Entrepreneurism – Or, How Not to Turn a Lot of Money Into a Little

Pull Up! Pull Up!

There Will Be Blood:  Key Reasons That Start-ups Fail

Too Big to Fail – Urgent Care Lessons From Toyota


A Short Course in Tort

Duty to Report

How to Get Sued for Malpractice:  Four Studies in Self-Destruction

How to Prepare for and Give a Deposition

In Consideration of Binding Arbitration Agreements

Malpractice Insurance: A Primer for Urgent Care Clinicians

Overview of a Malpractice Trial (and How to Survive)

Preventing the “Delta Uniform,” or, Malpractice Reduction in the Urgent Care Center

Protecting Yourself Against Medical Malpractice Claims, Part 1

Protecting Yourself Against Medical Malpractice Claims, Part 2

Settling the Case

The “O-Ring” in Medical Malpractice Cases

What to Do When You Get Named in a Malpractice Suit


Compliant Management of Non-compliant Staff

Harmony in the Urgent Care

Management vs Leadership, 558 US 461 (2010)

Managing Through Change

Missing a \’Cancer\’

Vicarious Liability

Patient Safety

Cleared for Takeoff.  The Checklist – Part 1

The Checklist – Part 2

The Checklist – Part 3

Complications: Informed Consent and Treating Minors in Urgent Care

When Urgent Care Is the Safest Place to Turn

Personal Growth

So Here’s What I’ve Learned


Physical Exams

Sports Physicals:  Are Urgent Care Liable?


Deconstructing the Ten Commandments of Urgent Care Medicine


Strategies on Responding to Variable Patient Acuity and Flow

Using Evidence-based Care Paths

What the Gray Haired Never Shared

Real Estate

How to Say “Farewell and Adieu” to Owning Your Business

Selling Your Urgent Care?  Here’s What’s Involved


Hiring an Employee

Sexual Harassment

Insulating Your Practice From Sexual Harassment Claims


A Tale of Two Applicants

Medical Search Firms: Match Making Comes to Medicine


The Unsociable Network


Send Lawyers, Guns, and Money: Asset Protection for Providers and Urgent Care Owners


Safety First When Consummating Relationships With Vendors