Small and mid-sized urgent care companies have fewer contracting opportunities and very little negotiating power in the current insurance contracting process, because health plans and third party payers are requiring more extensive data analytics and single practice management systems in return for contracts. Independent urgent care companies who cannot meet the broader requirements, as well as area coverage, will be unable to compete with larger urgent care corporations for contracts.

By clinically integrating networks of urgent care centers into a single Managed Services Organization (MSO) through a single EHR platform, independent urgent care centers can generate the leverage they need to get contracting opportunities and negotiate favorable terms with insurers, payers and third party administrators that only large networks and Accountable Care Organizations can achieve.

Welcome to Contracting Opportunities

Together we can create leverage to obtain contracting opportunities!

Urgent Care Integrated Network MSO is forming non-profit Federal Trade Commission compliant single specialty network of urgent care centers designed to assist urgent care centers in controlling their costs, delivering efficient quality of care at cost effective price, and provide high quality urgent care services to patients through a single entity.

Working together in an MSO to facilitate the provision of metric-driven, quality care management will provide independent urgent care centers with the leverage needed to compete for contracts.  This will be accomplished b y meeting the needs and demands of insurers and third party payers for claims processing; quality of care, medical management and network coverage.

Benefits of a Single Specialty Network

It provides the ability to…

  • have a single point of contact for contracting
  • coordinate credentialing efforts among centers and health plans
  • have a common platform for data integration, analysis and coordination of care
  • meet and exceed health plan requirements
  • benchmark and share Best Practices
  • achieve shared savings for malpractice coverage
  • negotiate group purchasing contracts for medical supplies and services
  • benchmark and improve outcomes
  • improve the patient experience
  • provide a web based virtual care portal
  • share financial oversight and data management expenses

What Health Plans Want

Health plans and third party payers welcome contracting opportunities, especially with large entities that have the ability to:


The Single MSO Platform

By working together in a single network on a common platform, independent urgent care centers can be competitive when competing for contracting opportunities with other large medical corporations. UCI Network has chosen Athenahealth to clinically integrate our network, because they offer EHR, practice and patient management solutions with the flexibility to meet the data analytics and financial reporting demands for our single specialty urgent care network success.





UCI Network MSO has chosen Athenahealth, because they offer proven EHR, practice and patient management solutions with the flexibility to meet the data analytic and financial solution demands for our single specialty urgent care network.

Athenahealth is offering special discounted pricing for new clients who join the UCI Network MSO.

 Working Together 4 Success

Take Your Urgent Care Enterprise

to the Next Level!

Consider joining us and clinically integrating your urgent care center(s) into a single Managed Services Organization (MSO) to keep your independence while generating the leverage you need to get contracting opportunities  for favorable contracts with insurers, payers and third party administrators.

For More Information, Ask Us!

Dr. John Shufeldt, CEO – 480.221.8059
Glenn Dean, CFO – 480.247.3366
Sybil Yeaman, COO – 480.247.6482

More about us

Why Choose UCI Network?
UCI Network is a group purchasing and MSO organization focused solely on the unique buying and contracting needs of Urgent Care owners and administrators.

Experience, Expertise & Service
Our team is well equipped to guide, empower and assist our members both now and in the future. Their dedication is supported by decades of knowledge, skill and experience that will deliver membership opportunities independent urgent care centers cannot achieve on their own.

Embrace the Future
In an increasingly challenging urgent care environment, we believe the UCI Network MSO coupled with the Athenahealth EHR platform offers you a viable and solid strategy that will bring you increased contracting opportunities, greater revenue and an ability to better serve your patients.

With a 97% physician adoption rate, Athenahealth electronic health records was designed with productivity in mind. So you can spend your time on patients, not records.

New clinical requirements are automatically embedded into your workflow, keeping you compliant with care-focused programs like Meaningful Use.

Athenahealth teams alleviate your administrative burden: They receive, scan and sort your faxes, and deliver each one electronically to the right caregiver.

They will coach your practice performance to drive both compliance and revenue. With our unique partnership model, we only succeed when you do.

#1 EHR With Low Financial Risk
Athenahealth is ranked #1 by the KLAS EMR Usability report. This closely watched ranking for practice management systems rated Athenahealth the #1 program for small – mid-sized practices with 1 – 75 physicians, and as the top overall medical software vendor.

Low Up-Front Costs
Unlike traditional EHRs, athenahealth has no hefty licensing fees, no costly upgrades, and no maintenance fees, ever. As a cloud-based EHR, athenaClinicals® is continuously updated at no extra charge, ready for every provider across the network. With no big start-up expenses, athenaClinicals greatly reduces the usual financial burden of switching your EHR.

Direct Investment In Your Success
Our unique business model aligns our goals with yours. By billing you a small percentage of your monthly collections, we have “skin in the game”, a direct stake in helping you thrive clinically and financially. We succeed when you succeed. It’s part of our dedication to caregivers, and reflected in our Meaningful Use and ICD-10 guarantees.

No Hidden or Extra Fees For Updates
Regular updates are free and automatic for everyone on the network. No need to invest in interfaces (we create them for free), purchase modules or add-ons, or suffer disruptive wholesale software upgrades. We keep you prepared so you can realize the revenue opportunities of Meaningful Use and other Pay-for-Performance programs.

The Florida Medical Association has recently recommended Athenahealth as their exclusive preferred healthcare IT solution.